Load Mo Sarili Mo Ifund

Friday, November 19, 2010

Load Mo Sarili Mo the iFund is the new membership benefit that will be given to all bronze members (kahit old) and up. these members will now be able to share-a-load (henceforth to be called iFund) at 10% outright rebate via CRG-based access code 2478. wooohoooo!

ex. member will buy P1000 worth of iFund - he will be credited P1100. he can then iFund these to others. instant kita na!

PLUS!!!! additional 0.2% per level will be given to the member for the iFund-to-eload/uload consumption of his network if he/she complies. this is on top of his current earnings via his/his network's load fund-to eload/uload consumption



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